Shopping Guide


STEP1: Estimate / Sample request( cut sample・image)

Please choose your desired product from the product list..


  • image
  • estimate

delivery charge only

  • cut sample

Please contact us and ask a question about the product.

 Please send us the your address, your name, tree, grade and quantity: For FAX · mail.

STEP2: Order

 Please send us fill in the order form.
 Orders, order form or e-mail or FAX.

  • oder form
  • FAX Request(order format download)

STEP3: Payment

 The item will be dispatched within  after your payment is confirmed.

 However, payment method is different, if have many items.

STEP4: Shipping

 To start the same day procedure basically, I ship within five business days, but there is the case that some  may take is in the dates and packaging the items. We will contact you in that case.

STEP5: Delivery / Inspection

 Please inspect items arrives.

 I make sure to a item, but if it is damaged items, or dirty, but only before installation, we will return or exchange.