Flooring uses the solid wood of the tree all

 Products handled by WOOD Akamatsu is using a solid wood cut from all natural wood.

 Hazardous substances that affect the people is not included because it is a natural material.


Solid flooring sold in WOOD AKAMATSU

001 In order to provide our customers with low price and good thing, will be sold at wholesale price.

 Quality check at the factory

02 In order to check the quality on a regular basis to inspect the factory.

 It manages to product planning from the work process in order to provide our customers with high quality.




Carbonized wood:TANKA WOOD

t-100 It is an original product that was produced using a thermo-technology developed in Finland.

 About 25, and then dried at a temperature less than 100 degrees in a dry kiln wood, and then to 6% to 8% moisture content. Then the high-temperature heat treatment to shut off the air in a special high heat drying oven carbonization.

Carbonized wood:TANKA WOOD click here.