High heat drying process technology to be used has been developed in Finland.

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High heat drying technology: carbonizid wood:TANKA WOOD

thermo-1-e It is a high heat wood drying technology that has been developed in Finland.

 I was produced in only water vapor and high temperature. It does not use any chemicals. It is innovative technology to change the timber of high durability.

 It becomes the charcoal by burning on heating the wood.

 However, by heating in a state of blocking oxygen, it becomes a highly durable timber which left the shape of wood degradation by hydrocarbon remains in part by a chemical reaction. Moreover, a has the insect repellent carbohydrate, protein is lost.



Temperature adjustment in accordance with the purpose.



 Carbonized wood is manufactured in high heat for drying processing special carbonization oven.



  • Moisture preventio:High heat drying treatment, equilibrium moisture content of the wood will drop as much as 40% more than untreated wood. I keep to 3-4% moisture content of indoor use.
  • Stability:Expansion of the flooring, shrinkage, deformation, cracks will be very low.
  • Durability:By a chemical reaction of the high thermal drying process during the course of the wood, carbohydrate, protein is lost, corrosion of wood fungus, discoloration fungus, insects, termites is difficult to enter, timber lasts a long time.
  • Ecology:High heat drying treatment is only water vapor and heat, I do not use any chemical component. Wood vinegar occurs at high heat treatment process, there is also a deodorant effect and bactericidal action in the room.
  • Energy efficiency:By a change in the internal structure of wood, insulation, heat retention is high, but also to save energy.